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Open File dialog box

How to get there

The Open window appears in a number of circumstances in Finale:

What it does

In this dialog box, you can specify what kind of file you want to save or open.

List Files of Type

Choose the file type you want to open or save from the drop-down list, or choose All Files to display all the files in the current directory regardless of file type. Choose Finale Notation File (.MUS) to display "regular" Finale files. Choose MIDI File to display Standard MIDI Files created in Finale or a sequencer program. Choose Coda Template File (.FTM) to display Finale files saved as templates. These files open as "Untitled," but contain all the custom score settings contained in the template file. Choose Lesson File (.LSN) to open a lesson created in the Exercise Wizard.

In the Load Library dialog box, choose Library File (.LIB) to display the available Finale libraries (sets of musical markings such as Articulations and Expressions).

In the Place Graphic dialog box, choose TIFF File (.TIF), Windows Metafile (.WMF), or Encapsulated PostScript Listing (.EPS), or one of the other available formats to display the files of the selected type in the scrolling list. Choose All Files to display files of all types in the scrolling list.

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