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Chord Suffix Selection dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Chord tool  image\Chord_Tool.gif. The Chord menu appears.
  2. Choose Chord > Manual Input
  3. Click a note that doesn’t have a chord symbol attached. In the Chord Definition dialog box, click on Advanced to expand the dialog box.
  4. Click on Select near Suffix.
  5. If a note has a chord symbol attached, click the note to make the chord handle appear. Double-click the handle, click on Advanced, and click Select.

What it does

The Chord Suffix Selection dialog box displays any chord suffixes you’ve created in (or loaded into) the document. It allows you to select, delete, or edit any of the suffixes; it also provides an entrance to the Chord Suffix Editor, where you can design new suffixes. The number in the top left corner of each item lists the slot number for the item. This can be handy if you have the option of typing in the slot number in a dialog box instead of scrolling through the selection dialog box. Occasionally, a character in parenthesis appears in the top right corner of an item in the selection dialog box. This character indicates the Metatool assigned to the item.

Tip. Choose duplicate to create a copy of a suffix. Then choose Edit to alter a suffix as you want it to be.


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