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Choose Junction for Staff dialog box

How to get there

  1. In the Score Merger dialog box (see Score Merger dialog box), check Edit Instrument Junction Between Files. Add files with different instrumentations.
  2. Click on Merge These Files into One File. Click Merge. In the Instrument Junction dialog box, double-click a staff or click Edit Selected Line.

What it does

The commands in this dialog box allow you to control how staves will be merged.

The title of the dialog reflects which instrument is being currently edited (in this case, Bassoon). To the left are instruments from the target, and to the right Finale displays what will happen to them in relation with the current instrument once the files are merged. For example, the bassoon is currently configured to be inserted below the Oboe.

Select a staff and use the buttons in this dialog box to edit the merging behavior of staves relative to corresponding staves in the previous merged document.

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