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Beaming across barlines

In certain cases, you may want the beams on eighth notes (and smaller values) to extend across a barline to join a beam in the next measure. Finale gives you two methods to accomplish this manually. To beam over barlines automatically using a plug-in, see Beam Over Barlines plug-in.

The first method is best for scores where playback isn’t important.

To extend a beam across a barline (Speedy Entry Method)

  1. Click the Speedy Entry tool  image\Speedy_Entry_Tool.gif.
  2. Under the Speedy menu, uncheck Jump to Next Measure.
  3. Click a measure. At the end of the measure, enter the notes that belong at the beginning of the next measure (the ones to which you want to beam from the first measure). Use the / key to beam or unbeam notes as needed. Don’t worry that you've added too many beats to the measure. When Finale tells you that there are too many beats, just click OK.
  4. In the second measure add the same number of rests at the beginning of the measure as you added extra notes to the previous measure. These rests will act as placeholders when you drag notes from the first measure into the second measure.
  5. Move the cursor over the top of each placeholder rest and press the letter H key. This will hide the placeholder rests.
  6. From the Window menu, choose Advanced Tools. Click the Special Tools Tool  image\Special_Tools_Tool.gif, and click the measure. If the Note Position tool isn’t already selected, select it.
  7. Drag the note(s) from the first measure that you want in the second measure to the right, so that they now appear in the second measure.

This method creates cross-barline beaming that plays back correctly.

To extend a beam across a barline (Beam Extension Method)

  1. From the Window menu, choose Advanced Tools. Click the Special Tools Tool  image\Special_Tools_Tool.gif, and click the measure containing the beam you want to extend.
  2. Click the Beam Extension Tool. Handles appear at each end of each beam.
  3. Drag a handle horizontally to extend the beams. To restore an extended beam to its normal length, click its handle and press delete.



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