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Add Bookmark dialog box

How to get there

Choose View > Bookmarks > Add Bookmark. Or type CTRL+B. The Add Bookmark dialog box appears, showing your current location in the score.

What it does

The Add Bookmark dialog box allows you to create a new bookmark, and contains the settings used to assign a bookmark to a position in the score. The Add Bookmark dialog box offers different settings depending on whether you’ve selected Assign to: Scroll View or Page View.

The measure you are marking is the "absolute" measure number in the piece. If you add or delete measures after the bookmark is created, the music at the marked measure could be different. As an example, if you put a bookmark at measure 10, then delete measure 9, you will still go to measure 10 when the bookmark is called, but you will see the music that was previously in measure 11.

Tip. Set your document as you want the bookmark to be, then choose Add Bookmark. Finale will remember all the settings for you.


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