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Sample List for Executable Shape dialog box

How to get there

This window can be accessed in two ways depending on whether you are adding a new expression or editing an existing one.

  1. Click the Expression tool  image\Expression_Tool.gif, and double-click a note or measure.
  2. Click the desired expression in the selection box, and click Edit.
  3. Click the Playback tab.
  4. Click Execute Shape, and then Select.
  5. In the selection box that appears, either click an existing Executable Shape and click Edit, or click Create.
  6. In the Executable Shape Designer box, click the Use List check box.


What it does

An Executable Shape is a line whose contours Finale "reads" as it plays back your music in order to produce changes over time of some musical aspect: tempo or volume, for example. You draw the Executable Shape itself in the Shape Designer.

Normally, Finale samples (consults the contour of) an Executable Shape at regular intervals. For example, Finale might sample the shape you’ve drawn for a rallentando every eighth note, so that the tempo decreases with each passing eighth note.

If you want Finale’s playback to respond only to specific samples (instead of every sample), select Use List. This technical dialog box appears, where you can enter a series of numbers, one in each text box, to tell Finale which samples provided by the Executable Shape you want it to register for playback. See Executable Shape Designer dialog box for more information.

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