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Once you record a real-time performance in the Transcription window, Finale needs to know where the beats and barlines fall in relation to the notes you played (in order to transcribe your performance). To provide this information, you tap along with your music as it plays back (on a key or pedal), providing Finale with a tempo point of reference. These taps are called Time Tags. They appear at the top of the display area as small quarter notes (or eighth notes, or whatever value you specified before recording them). Note that you can edit these tags manually - you can either insert a new one by double-clicking in the Time Tag display area, or you can slide them horizontally. See Transcription window for complete details.

The Time Tag menu contains a number of Time Tag-related commands. Using them, you can tell Finale the duration of the tags you'll be recording, adjust each to align with the nearest note, or assign Measure Tags (a special Time Tag that tells Finale where the beginning of each measure falls in relation to the music you played).

Choose one of the three commands (Tag, Beat, Measure) to tell Finale what kind of Time Tag you'll be recording or editing.






Clear All Tags


Assign Measure Tags

Convert To Time Signatures

Create Tags From First Two Tags


First Tag is

Record Equal Durations


Click Input

Click Output


Align Tags to Notes



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