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Note. View the Tablature QuickStart Video for an overview.

Many of Finale’s capabilities are dedicated specifically to notation of fretted instruments. For example, a specialized tablature staff allows for easy tablature notation. Fret numbers can be added and edited with the Simple Entry tool or Speedy Entry tool, and a library of guitar markings are available, including tab slides and bends, with the Smart Shape tool. You can now even enter music directly into a tablature staff with a MIDI guitar.

Tablature is a special kind of notation for plectrum instruments, that usually consists of two staves; the top staff displays the notes in standard notation, and the bottom staff has a staff line for each string of the instrument and displays small numbers instead of noteheads (to indicate fret numbers).


A tablature score usually appears as an upper, notation staff and a lower staff whose lines correspond to the strings of the plectrum instrument.


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