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Punch In PreRoll dialog box


How to get there

  1. Click the HyperScribe tool  image\HyperScribe_Tool.gif. The HyperScribe menu appears.
  2. Choose HyperScribe > Transcription Mode.
  3. Click a measure to enter the Transcription window.
  4. Choose Transcription > Punch In PreRoll.

What it does

If you’re recording a real-time performance in the Transcription window and make a mistake, you don’t have to rerecord the entire sequence. You can, instead, punch in and out, meaning that you can rerecord only those few seconds of the original performance that need replacing.

You’ll probably want Finale to play a few seconds of the music just before the spot you want to rerecord, however, so you can hear the desired spot in context and in tempo. This dialog box allows you to specify how many seconds of the existing music you want Finale to play before switching into record mode (at which point you should begin to play the new music).

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