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Note. View the Slurs, hairpins, and other shapes QuickStart Video for an overview.

There are two ways to create a slur in Finale. The quick, easy way is to use a Smart Shape. A Smart Shape slur expands and contracts with the music and automatically breaks in two if it straddles a line break. A bend (with regard to Finale behavior) is just a special case of a slur.

Note. Slurs and phrase markings technically serve different musical purposes. However, you use the same Finale techniques to create both. In this discussion, the term slur refers to both kinds of markings.

If there are times that you don’t want to create a note-attached slur, choose Attach to Measures from the Smart Shape menu to create measure-based slurs.

Note. See Adding slurs and hairpins for a step-by-step tutorial on adding slurs.

Tip: if you want all note-attached slurs or bends to be over or under, choose the slur direction without any slurs or bends selected. This menu action sets the default direction.


See also Engraver Slurs.


Creating a note-attached slur

Moving, reshaping, or deleting Smart Shape slurs

Changing a note-attached slur’s direction

Defining Slur Contour (height and shape) settings for note-attached slurs

Defining Slur Placement settings for note-attached slurs

Defining Slur System Break settings

Defining Slur Thickness

Copying Smart Shape slurs


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