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Shape Designer/Show


Using this submenu, you can make Finale display or hide any of these helpful, nonprinting alignment aids. (A checked item means that it’s being displayed; choose the item a second time to make the check mark—and that onscreen element—disappear.)

The Rulers item makes rulers appear at the top and left side of the drawing area, whose units you specify using the Rulers and Grid command. The Grid is a series of individual points that may help you align objects and give you a sense of scale. The spacing and units used by the grid, too, are determined by your Rulers and Grid setting).

The origin is a small, white round handle that appears in the center of the drawing area. It anchors your shape, acts as the zero point for the rulers and positioning coordinates (see Shape Designer), and indicates where your shape’s handle will appear once you’ve placed it into the score.

The Staff Template displays a picture of the staff in the Shape Designer window which is helpful when designing a custom barline. See also Measure tool.





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