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Smart Shape menu

How to get there

Click the Smart Shape tool  image\Smart_Shape_Tool.gif.

What it does

The Smart Shape menu gives you control over the appearance and placement of slurs and smart shape lines, as well as control over how elements will appear in the score. Use the commands in this menu to tell Finale whether slurs are note-attached or attached to measures. Most of the commands are used to fine-tune slurs' appearance and placement, define their behavior over system breaks, and set their line thickness. When you create a note-attached slur, Finale always draws and places it the way you specified in the slur settings. For a detailed description of how to manipulate each smart shape element see Slur Contour dialog box, Smart Shape Placement dialog box, Smart Shape Options dialog box, Smart Slur Options dialog box, and Guitar Bend Options dialog box.


Slur Contour

Smart Shape Placement

Smart Shape Options

Smart Slur Options

Guitar Bend Options

Attach to Measures

Attach to Notes

Attach to Noteheads







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