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Measure numbers

Measure numbers are defined as measure number regions in the Measure Number dialog box. Each measure number region can be defined to display measure numbers in one (or more) of three ways:

Each of these options are available for each region in the Measure Number dialog box. Each can be set to its own font and positioning settings, and are designed to automatically resolve any conflicts that can occur. For example, if a measure number is defined to appear on every fifth measure (Show Every _ Measures Beginning with Measure _), and the fifth measure happens to start a new staff system (and Show Measure Numbers at Start of Staff System is also checked), Finale will defer to the "Start of Staff System" option and use its font and positioning settings (which allow it to be positioned differently—to the left of the staff). Furthermore, if this is a linked part, a multimeasure rest happens to begin on the fifth measure, and Show on Multimeasure Rests is checked, Finale will display the font, positioning, and bracket settings for measure numbers on multimeasure rests. In this way, all three of the above cases can be selected and defined in the Measure Numbers dialog box, and Finale will apply them properly to the score.

Measure number settings can only conflict with each other if an enclosure is defined for either "Show Measure Numbers at Start of Staff System" or "Show Every _ Measures Beginning with Measure _," "Show On Multimeasure Rests" is checked, and the number is defined to appear on a measure beginning a mutimeasure rest. In this case, Finale displays both the enclosed measure number and the multimeasure rest number/number range. To hide one or the other, CONTROL-click the measure number's handle and choose Always Hide Number.

Note that in addition to the options for a single region, you can also create different regions of measure numbers in your piece, each with its own font, positioning, and numbering scheme.

If you want measure numbers to occur only at specific places in the score to serve as rehearsal letters or numbers, see Rehearsal letters.

For information regarding measure numbers in scores with linked parts, see Measure Numbers in linked parts.


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