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Master Tool Palette dialog box

How to get there

CTRL+OPTION+COMMAND–click anywhere on the screen (except the tool palette).

To program a keyboard equivalent for a tool: While pressing option and control, press one of the tool keyboard equivalent keys: F, G, H, J, K, L, semicolon (;), or apostrophe (').

What it does

This special dialog box displays every tool in Finale’s Main Tool Palette. You can use it to select a new tool (by double-clicking its icon), even if the Main Tool Palette is hidden.

You can also use the Master Tool Palette to program up to eight keyboard equivalents for the tools on the tool palette. Once you’ve programmed these tool keyboard equivalents, you can select the tool without even touching the mouse—just press the appropriate key combination, and Finale highlights the corresponding tool (even if it’s off the screen).

To program one of these keyboard equivalents, press one of the keys in the middle row of the alphabet keyboard (F through apostrophe) while pressing option and control. The Master Tool Palette dialog box appears; double-click the tool you want to assign to the key you pressed. From now on, to select that tool, simply press control plus the key you originally pressed (CONTROL+F, for example).

Keyboard equivalents are document-specific. If you decide you like these keyboard equivalents, you should save them to your default file.




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