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MIDI Setup dialog box


How to get there

Choose MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > MIDI/Internal SpeakerSetup.

What it does

In the MIDI Setup dialog box you can edit a number of settings pertaining to your MIDI interface setup.

To select an input or output device for a bank of channels, choose an item from the appropriate pop-up menu. If an item is unchecked, it is not currently in use and you can select it; if an item is checked, it has already been selected for the current bank of channels; if an item is gray, it’s already in use as an input or output device for another bank of channels—and you must deselect it from the other bank of channels if you want to reassign it. If an item is italicized, it does not exist in your current Audio MIDI Setup. If you want to select more than one item, SHIFT+select for additional items.

The items you select for a bank of channels appear in an abbreviated form in the pop-up menu. To see the full listing, click the pop-up menu to see which items are checked.

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