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Instrument Name Assignments dialog box

How to get there

The Instrument Name Assignments window will appear either when scanning directly into Finale or when importing a TIFF file.

  1. Choose File > Import > SmartScore Lite Scan.
  2. Scan and import the file. In the SmartScore Lite 5 dialog box, click Final Scan.
  3. Prepare the your settings and then click Begin Recognition. Finale prompts you with this dialog box.


  1. Choose File > Import > TIFF File.
  2. Then, add a TIFF graphic and click Begin Recognition. Before opening the file, Finale prompts you with this dialog box.

What it does

This dialog box allows you to select instruments for scanned staves so that Finale applies the correct staff name and instrument transposition when the staves are converted into a Finale document.

See Scanning



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