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Fill With Rests checks a selected region of music for rhythmically incomplete measures and automatically fills them with the correct number of rests, saving you the time-consuming task of checking measures yourself (perhaps inaccurately). Fill With Rests works on full measures, not partial measures. However, if you select a region that contains a partial measure, Finale will warn you in advance that the full measure will be filled with rests. You can choose to continue or to cancel the Fill With Rests request. Note that this command will not affect completely empty measures (measures with default rests). You can use the “Change to Real Whole Rests” Plug-in to do that. See Change to Real Whole Rests Plug-in. Also, if you have selected one of the Allow Dotted Rests in More Quantization Settings dialog box, Finale will allow the use of dotted rests. For example, three eighth rests will become a dotted quarter rest.


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