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MIDI tool/Set To

When you choose this command, the Set To dialog box appears, in which you can set the values of the specified MIDI data type (velocity, durations, or continuous data) for all selected notes to a single value. For example, you could set the key velocities for all selected notes to 100 (on the MIDI velocity scale of 0 to 127).

Use this command to create pedaling, after using the Continuous Data command (see below) to specify that you want to edit sustain pedal data. Select the point at which you want the sustain pedal to go down by dragging through a small sliver of the graph area. (The “pedal down” message will occur at the beginning of the selected [highlighted] region.) Choose Set To, and enter 127; when Finale plays back the music, it will push the pedal “down” at the point you specified. Repeat the process at the point where you want the pedal released, but choose Set To and enter zero. See Pedal markings.


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