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Lyrics/Clone Lyric

Use this command when you want to copy the lyrics from one staff (the “source” staff) to another (the “target” staff). This technique, however, only copies one set of lyrics at a time—either the Verse, Chorus, or Section currently specified by the Specify Current Lyric command, or the last lyric you edited.

After choosing this command, select the measures containing the source lyrics by clicking, SHIFT-clicking, the same techniques you use with the Selection tool.

Once the source measures are selected, drag the first selected measure so that it’s superimposed on the first target measure. (If the target measure isn’t visible in the same screen, scroll so that you can see it, then OPTION+SHIFT-click it.) Finale will copy the lyrics from the source measures to the target measures. Bear in mind that only notes that fall on the same beats as those in the source measures will receive syllables. (Note, too, that the vertical positions of the baseline-positioning triangles will be the same in the target staff as they were in the source staff.)

To select this command, you can also click the icon in the Lyrics window.


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