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When you choose the Open command, the Open dialog box appears, in which there is a pop-up menu identifying the kinds of files Finale is capable of opening: Finale Notation File, and MIDI File, Lesson file, as well as another marked All Readable Files.

A Finale Notation File is the usual notation file you’ve been working with all along. It can be read by either the Macintosh or Windows version of Finale.  A MIDI File is a standard music file format that most sequencer programs can read and create. A Lesson File is a text file that contains a collection of exercises for the Exercise Wizard.

This Open dialog box works the way any Macintosh Open dialog box does: double-click a folder to see its contents, drag the scroll bars to see lists of files and folders. Click the “From” pop-up menu to quickly view the contents of a folder or change locations.


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