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MIDI/Import MIDI from Clipboard

Use this command to import MIDI information from sequencing programs that support MIDI information on the clipboard. Once you've recorded your performance or created the MIDI information (such as controller data) in a sequencing or other MIDI program, copy it into the clipboard. Switch to Finale, click the Selection tool, select the measures into which you want to paste the information, then choose this command. The Import MIDI from Clipboard dialog box appears. If necessary, change the transcription settings for the notated music in Quantization Settings, then click OK. If the copied sequencer information contains any MIDI note data, Finale transcribes new notes. Otherwise, Finale preserves its existing notes and pastes only the copied information into the measures.

Press SHIFT when choosing this command to use the current settings in the Transcribe dialog box (without displaying the dialog box on the screen).


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