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Choose Paste if you want whatever music you've cut or copied to the Clipboard to paste over (replace) the selected music in the target file (first use the Selection tool to select the destination of the paste).

While pasting, the items that appear in the destination region depend on the elements selected in the  Edit Filter dialog box.

If you've created Clip Files using the Copy or Cut commands (see above), you can paste any one of them into the score using the Paste from Clip File command. Press OPTION before choosing Paste; the command name changes and Finale displays the Paste dialog box showing the names of any Clip Files on your disk. Double-click the one you want to paste.

You can also paste text you've cut or copied to the Clipboard in Finale's Lyrics window or Edit Text window, or when editing text on-screen with the Text tool. Choose Paste from the Edit menu, or use its keyboard equivalent (COMMAND+V) if you want the selected text replaced with whatever text you've cut or copied to the Clipboard.


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