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This tool allows you to rapidly enter one note, chord, or rest at a time. You specify the rhythmic value of each entry by pressing a number key on your computer keyboard; you can specify the pitches either by pressing the desired keys on your MIDI keyboard or by pressing the appropriate letter keys on your computer keyboard. The Speedy Entry keyboard commands are summarized in the diagram that appears on your Quick Reference Card.

Note. When entering or editing music with Speedy Entry, SHIFT+DELETE provides the same function as clear. This key combination was added for laptop owners who do not have clear on the keyboard.



When cycling through the enharmonic spelling of entries, Finale directly cycles through all the possibilities.

Arrow keys


While the Speedy Entry tool's preprogrammed keyboard equivalents aren't technically Metatools, they're similar in that they're one-keystroke commands. They let you edit the notes in one measure at a time very rapidly. See Speedy Entry in the Keycuts chapter for details.


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