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Note. View the Fitting measures and systems QuickStart Video for an overview.

This tool lets you reduce or enlarge a note, group of notes, staff, system, page, or all the music in a piece. When you use it at the note-by-note level, you can create cue notes; at the staff level, you can create a cue staff. However, you’ll probably use this tool most often to reduce the overall size of the music. It’s important that you choose Update Layout from the Edit menu after you reduce or enlarge a system, a page, or the entire piece so that Finale corrects any irregularities in measure widths introduced by the change.

When this tool is selected, Finale displays the Resize dialog box—where you can specify the amount of reduction or enlargement—any time you click a musical element (see Special mouse clicks, below). See Reducing/Enlarging for further instructions.



Contextual menus are reached by CONTROL-clicking on an object. A contextual menu will be displayed where you can select various items.


Menu item

What it does

Resize Page

Display the Resize Page dialog box

Resize System

Display the Resize Staff System dialog box

Resize Staff

Display the Resize Staff dialog box

Resize Note or Rest

Display the Resize Note dialog box

Resize Notehead

Display the Resize Notehead dialog box


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