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This tool lets you define the page layout for your file, including the page size, size of the page margins, and the positioning of the systems on each page.

The Page Layout menu appears (and you switch to Page View, if you're not already there) when you click the Page Layout Tool. This menu contains commands for grouping measures on a line, editing staff systems and page margins, and managing other layout considerations.

For full instructions, see Page layout, Page size, Systems, Margins, and so on.

For information specific to page layout in linked parts, see Page layout in linked parts.



Contextual menus are reached by CONTROL-clicking on the handle of an object or within a system. A contextual menu will be displayed where you can select various items.


Menu item

What it does

Select System Range

Displays Select Staff Systems dialog box

Insert Systems

Displays Insert Staff Systems dialog box

Delete Systems

Deletes the selected systems

Insert Page Break

Forces system to top of next page

Delete Page Break

Clears an existing page break on the selected system

Edit Margins

Displays the Edit System Margins dialog box

System Space Before/After Music

Displays the System Space Before/After Music dialog box


Page margin handles

Menu item

What it does

Adjust Current Page Only

Adjustments only affect the current page margins

Adjust All Pages

Adjustments affect page margins on all pages

Adjust Left or Right Pages

Adjustments affect page margins for left or right pages, whichever is selected

Adjust Page Range

Displays the Adjust Page Range dialog box

Edit Margins

Displays the Edit Page Margins dialog box


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