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Use this tool to enter one-character articulation markings (such as accents, staccato marks, fermatas, and so on) into your score. You attach an articulation to a single note in a single staff (by clicking on, above, or below it); if the note moves, the articulation moves with it.

You can also define an articulation for playback; it can affect either the timing or the volume (key velocity) of the note on which it appears.

To learn about how articulations are handled in linked parts, see Articulations in linked parts. See also Articulations.



You can create Articulation Metatools—one-key equivalents for articulation markings—that can save you time if you need to insert many expression markings into your score (because you bypass the Articulation Selection dialog box).

To program an Articulation Metatool

Click the Articulation tool. Press shift and a letter or number key. Finale displays the Articulation Selection dialog box; double-click the marking you want to correspond to the letter or number you pressed (or, click the desired articulation and then click Select).

To use an Articulation Metatool

Click the Articulation tool. While pressing the number or letter key to which the desired marking was programmed, click on, above, or below a note or rest. The marking appears at the place you clicked.

You can also press a Metatool key and drag-enclose the desired notes to apply the articulation to those notes.

To enter an articulation while entering notes in Simple Entry, see Adding Articulations in the Simple Entry chapter.


Contextual menus are reached by CONTROL-clicking on the handle of an object. A contextual menu will be displayed where you can select various items.

Articulation handles

Menu item

What it does

Edit Articulation Definition

Display the Articulation Designer dialog box


Check this option to show, or uncheck to hide (on the printed page)

Relink to Score (parts only)

Restore the link to its corresponding score item

Unlink In All Parts (score only)

Break the link between the score and this item in all parts

Relink In All Parts (score only)

Restore the link to all corresponding items in parts


Removes selected articulations


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