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With the Graphics tool you can place the following graphic formats into any Finale document:

The following graphics formats can be exported from Finale:

Graphics placed in Scroll View and Page View are assigned differently. Finale always assigns a graphic to a measure if you are in Scroll View when the graphic is placed. To place a page-assigned graphic, you must be in Page View. Both page- and measure-assigned graphics can be edited and repositioned in Page View. However, page-assigned graphics do not appear in Scroll View.

For information regarding the relationship between graphics in the score and linked parts, see Page-attached graphics and in linked parts and Measure-attached graphics in linked parts.

When exporting graphics, Finale exports entire pages of music, or a selected region of music. To export a selected area of a page, you must be in Page View.

Note. As of Finale 2011a, "Smooth Staff Lines" and "Smooth Barlines" (Preferences-View) are ignored while exporting bitmap graphics, resulting in a higher degree of sharpness on-screen and when printing to black and white printers.

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