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Most items you see in Finale are created with font characters. In addition to items created with text, musical symbols (such as noteheads, clefs, and expressions) are font characters as well. Finale is unique among music notation programs in that it allows the user to specify the font used for music characters. This means you can choose from different note heads, different treble clefs, or whatever you'd like, to make your music look exactly the way you want it to. Furthermore, within lyrics, text blocks, chord symbols, and the Shape Designer you are able to mix fonts freely: you could, for example, combine text characters with musical symbols, or have selected lyrics italicized.


PostScript and TrueType

Where are the fonts installed?

How to identify font types

Globally changing a musical element’s font

Changing music fonts

Changing every occurrence of one font to another

Changing every occurrence of a font to a different size

Changing the music font of noteheads on a staff by staff basis

Eliminating dimmed font names from a document’s font lists

Transporting files across platforms

Engraver Font: The Alternate Notehead Sets

Let Ring Noteheads

“Double-stopped unison” Noteheads

“Trill to” Noteheads

Indeterminate and Determinate “Tone-cluster” Noteheads




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