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See also Courtesy clef changes. 

The clefs in Finale are intelligent: if you change a clef, the music that follows it is automatically renotated to reflect the change. Finale can use eighteen different kinds of clefs per piece, shown below (see To design a new clef, below), but you can re-define any of these symbols or their effects on the notated music.

Note. See Key signatures, time Signatures, and clefs for a step-by-step tutorial overview on adding clef changes.


Setting the starting clef for a staff

Inserting a clef change at the beginning of a measure

Applying a clef change to a region of measures

Inserting a mid-measure clef change

Changing a clef you’ve inserted in mid-measure

Changing the default clef

Hiding a clef

Designing a new clef

Designing a shape clef

Changing the horizontal positioning of starting clefs

Globally changing the position and size of inserted clefs

Specifying the location of key-signature accidentals in a nonstandard clef


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