Staff groups

Every staff in Finale can be assigned to one or more groups. Grouped staves have several important characteristics. First, you can control how barlines are drawn for the staves in a group (see Barlines). Second, you can add a bracket to grouped staves (see Brackets: Staves). Third, when you’re extracting parts, the Extract Parts command gives you the option of extracting groups as well as staves, making it possible for pairs of staves (piano, for example) to be extracted together, along with a solo part.

Finale automatically creates group brackets for instrument families when you create new documents with the Setup Wizard, and also updates groups when you add, remove, or change the instrumentation with the ScoreManager. If you would like to define all groups manually, you can disable automatic group updating by unchecking Automatic Instrument Family Group Brackets in Preferences-Edit.

Groups in linked parts are completely independent, although new linked parts can inherit the groups as they exist in the Manage Parts dialog box. See Groups in linked parts.

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